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Chess Makes Another Media Move

May 04, 20242 min read

"Both bridge and chess teach us strategy and foresight, but currently only one is making the grand slam in public interest. It's our turn to bid." — Tracey Bauer

Bridging the Gap: How Bridge Can Learn from Chess’s Marketing Mastery

Chess made a media move


In the bustling streets of Berkeley, a chess school has turned heads—not just with its moves on the board but with its striking architecture. As a marketing professional with a passion for bridge, I see a brilliant blueprint here that bridge clubs could emulate to spark growth and garner similar attention. Here’s how.

Think Outside the Box… Literally The Berkeley Chess School’s facade, featuring a giant chessboard window, isn't just a design choice; it's a statement. This clever use of architecture transforms a simple school into a landmark. Bridge clubs could take a leaf out of this book. Imagine a bridge-themed facade that prompts passersby to pause and ponder. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about making your venue a conversation starter.

Community Engagement is Key Chess’s popularity in Berkeley is partly due to its community programs. Offering free sessions and engaging local schools, the chess school has embedded itself into the fabric of the community. For bridge, this could mean free introductory workshops or community bridge nights, making the game accessible and enticing for newcomers and forging stronger community ties.

Media Savvy The unique architectural approach of the chess school has made it a darling of local media. For bridge clubs, there's a story in every game and every gathering. It’s about framing our narrative in ways that intrigue and invite both the media and potential players. Highlighting the mental benefits of bridge or showcasing the diversity of its community can make compelling stories that media outlets love.

Leveraging Partnerships The chess school benefits immensely from its partnerships, such as those with the U.S. Chess Federation. Bridge clubs should also look for partnership opportunities—be it with educational institutions, local businesses, or cultural festivals. These partnerships can provide resources, increase visibility, and add credibility.

Create Memorable Experiences Finally, like the chess school’s use of space to enhance learning and interaction, bridge clubs can create memorable experiences through themed game nights, elegant decor, or interactive lessons. Every club has the potential to be more than just a place to play; it can be a hub of activity and excitement.

As we pivot our marketing strategies in the bridge world, let’s take a cue from our neighbors on the chessboard. By embracing bold designs, community engagement, media savvy, strategic partnerships, and unforgettable experiences, bridge can not only match but potentially surpass the public presence and popularity of chess.

Bridge clubs, are you ready to make your move?

Tracey Bauer


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Tracey Bauer

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